Major source of divisiveness for Trump voters overlooked by media and both parties

Comey 2017 budget request meeting

Former FBI director James Comey shown here at a 2017 budget request meeting. (via C-SPAN)

After the attempted assassination of approximately 20 Republican lawmakers on Wednesday, the pundit class weighed in.

Most chose to emphasize the need for unity. Many called for an end to the divisiveness that worsened after the 2016 presidential election didn’t go as planned.

What everyone, from House Speaker Paul Ryan to minority leader Nancy Pelosi who blames Republicans more than Democrats (naturally), overlooks is the major source of divisiveness has to do with the people who voted for President Donald Trump, but not in the manner Pelosi perceives. 

From the moment Hillary Clinton conceded the election, an effort driven by predominantly socialist leaders began to attempt to upend it. Demands to do away with the Electoral college, violent marches, and attacks on Trump supporters began to multiply.

Hoaxes were conducted in an attempt to rile people up over issues like women who wear hijabs, but many of the hoaxes were reported as truth. One such incident drew widespread condemnation, but little was said when the young woman claiming she was assaulted by Trump supporters admitted to police she made up the whole thing. Even leftist newspapers did carry briefs about that hoax.

Those who voted for Trump have been painted as “deplorables”—the term Hillary Clinton applied when she was campaigning.

We have since witnessed a long string of “investigations” aimed at derailing or impeaching Trump in response to calls from Democrats like Maxine Waters (D-CA). We have witnessed an FBI director making a public statement indicating Hillary Clinton broke laws when she was secretary of state, and at the same time, announcing she would not be held accountable for doing so. Making things even worse, Jim Comey stood before Americans and told us if we did what Mrs. Clinton did, we would be held accountable.

Now a special counsel has been appointed, and the investigations appear to be going far beyond disproven claims Trump “colluded” with Russia to throw the US election. It doesn’t help that the special counsel is longtime friends with Comey who was fired by Trump after President Barack Obama failed to do what should have been done when he had the White House.

So what are media and pundits overlooking?

The attacks on Trump designed to remove him from office are attacks on voters who chose him as president. Much was made of Mrs. Clinton’s “popular vote” lead. She achieved that largely through two states—California and New York. Mrs. Clinton won only 19 states.

Donald Trump  won 30 states.

The two candidates split Maine. Mrs. Clinton did win the District of Columbia as expected due to the large number of unionized bureaucrats in the capital, but DC is not a state.

Trump won 306 delegates compared to Mrs. Clinton’s 232. 

In attempting to overturn a legitimate election, political actors—not all of them leftists—eager to maintain the status quo are doing something truly nefarious.

The anti-Trump cabal is attempting to use the federal bureaucracy as a weapon to nullify voters’ choices in those 30 US states.

With Wednesday’s shootings, evidence continues to mount that the anti-Trump forces will not stop at violence to accomplish their goals. Most of those in violent fringe groups are socialists eager for government handouts, and those who are pushing that agenda may conceivably be getting assistance from outside the United States.

So if politicos and pundits really want to do something to help stop the divisiveness, stop trying to nullify our votes.

Those of us who oppose Democrats’ socialism are accustomed to having media vilify us. This will not stop—the clickbait stories based on lies and innuendo. But the fact that these actors are attempting to cancel votes cast by American citizens in 30 US states should give everyone pause.

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and the targets of those shootings were Democrats. The response, I can assure you, would be nowhere near as calm. Someone should ask Mrs. Pelosi to consider reality instead of the fictions dancing in her head. After all, it was a Democrat leader who told his supporters, when it comes to Republicans:

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

That’s exactly what the Alexandria shooter, indisputably a leftist, did.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/June 16, 2016)

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