Clinton’s promise fails again with N. Korea test months after UN called for more aid

N. Korea map

Map of N. Korea from CIA World Fact Book.

While in the Oval Office, former president Bill Clinton applauded his diplomatic success with North Korea (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea).

In 1994 Mr. Clinton said, “The entire world will be safer.” Media filmed Clinton’s secretary of state Madeleine Albright sipping wine with North Korea’s dictator, now dead, Kim Jong-il.

Now another in Kim’s dynasty, Kim Jong-un, head of the Workers Party of Korea, is again making news, and both Russia and China have failed to persuade the dictator to stop shaking his sword. 

Mr. Clinton’s promise has failed again, with North Korea’s test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. Russia and China have customarily been called on to rein in the latest Kim who, as dictator, is one of the few individuals in the country who is most definitely well-nourished compared to the rest of his countrymen and their children.

North Korea currently spends large sums of money on weapons, apparently content for the rest of the world to feed and assist a sizable portion of the population via humanitarian aid. In March, 2017, the United Nations called for more aid to address “chronic food insecurity.”

Does aid money really go where it is supposed to go in North Korea? We don’t know, but we do know that country makes military service compulsory for any who reach the age of 17. Are we helping to feed Kim’s military? We don’t know.

During the regime of President Barack Obama, North Korea was listed as receiving food aid dollars from the US taxpayer.

Why does the United States send food aid money to regimes who want to harm us? This makes no sense—to feed an enemy and help him when he is bent on your own destruction.

Bill Clinton’s foreign policy, once praised for more than North Korea, helped lead to volatility around the globe as his regime furthered globalization aims also embraced by Clinton’s Republican predecessor George H. W. Bush.

As media hammer President Donald Trump for answers about solutions to North Korea’s war-mongering, several things are apparent.

The UN is essentially worthless. How many times has the US done the sanctions dance with the UN and nothing was accomplished? What the UN is best at is taking money from US taxpayers to redistribute to populations abroad.

Past US presidents from both parties haven’t been able to neutralize the threat of a nuclear North Korea.

Besides defying US presidents and UN sanctions, North Korea, a country the CIA World Fact Book says is smaller than the US state of Virginia, has managed to cow China and Russia, two world powers who have failed to rein in one of their pet dictators.

The other thing we should acknowledge is that all food aid should be stopped. As a matter of fact, all humanitarian aid should be stopped. Until Kim is held accountable by his people, he will continue to play war games and he will ultimately acquire full nuclear capability.

In 2010 as the Obama regime held power, North Korea claimed to have “successfully carried out a nuclear fusion reaction in what it called a breakthrough towards developing new energy sources.” The CIA World Factbook says 30 percent of the country’s population has “electrification.”

China is by far North Korea’s most significant trading partner, something to remember when you decide what products to spend your hard-earned US dollars on.

If continuing to add economic sanctions to North Korea hasn’t done the job, the only thing left is to deny all humanitarian aid and let Kim face his people who are suffering even with the aid that allegedly goes to them and not to communist government coffers.

It is the height of insanity to in any way assist an enemy who wants to kill you.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 5, 2017)

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