Investigations of Ukraine ‘interference’, House IT scandal warranted

Ukraine Supreme Council Bldg

Ukraine Supreme Council Building (Parliament). (CIA World Fact Book)

With the 2018 midterm elections in mind, Democrats continue to keep a narrow focus on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election despite other potential interference that should definitely be investigated.

Those potentials include Ukraine as well as a domestic scandal within the Republican-controlled Congress.

There’s also a great deal of taxpayer money involved.

Americans are being kept in the dark about a breach of epic proportions involving top House Democrats involved in intel oversight. We know very little about the House IT scandal although one media outlet, The Daily Caller, is covering it. “Millions” in “untraceable payments”—US taxpayer money—to a Pakistani family, and this:

“Their access had allowed them to read emails and files of dozens of members, including many serving on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.”

Where was the FBI? Where was congressional oversight since Republicans are in control? Nowhere to be seen. It appears then-DNC chair and Florida Dem Rep. Debbie W. Schultz was untouchable.

There’s also the Ukraine “matter”, to use a term President Barack Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch applied to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Dem mover and shaker Alexandra Chalupa is caught up in the story involving Ukraine goals to allegedly elect Hillary Clinton. Chalupa, according to Zoom, served as director, office of the vice chairs, for Democrats’ National Committee as of December, 2016.

Ms. Chalupa enjoyed visiting the White House, according to visitor logs posted at Inside Government. Most of her visits involved groups. However, since others have been held to a standard for simply greeting someone from another country, those White House logs are worth considering.

One of the smaller group meetings Chalupa attended occurred in November, 2015, and it was hosted by Charles Kupchan. Kupchan served both Obama and former president Bill Clinton.

Kupchan was very influential when it came to foreign policy, by his own admission if you read an article from a Georgetown University publication including this note:

“As the Senior Director for European Affairs, he was charged with overseeing the European-American relationship while managing key challenges, including Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.”

Meanwhile Chalupa has admitted advocating for Ukraine during the US election. Politico has a story up. Make up your own mind about what to believe when it comes to Ms. Chalupa, veteran of dark political arts and activist for a foreign nation.

Chalupa briefed media about one of Trump’s early campaign associates, and there is no doubt she was acting in order to benefit Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Media were only too happy to oblige Chalupa, apparently without asking her questions.

And just like the Pakistani family, Ms. Chalupa also got paid by US taxpayers via a government agency. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Let’s investigate.



*Da, yes in Russian, is written: да.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 11, 2017)

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