‘The Great Kremlin Conspiracy’: Free primer at Tablet on truth and ‘news’

Ben Rhodes

Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor to President Barack Obama, earned his MFA in creative writing. (White House Photo)

Across the US, the evening news was once a ritual. If you didn’t get it at suppertime, you’d have to wait until end of night, right before the national anthem played. Nothing lasts forever, though, and pretty soon, along came cable news and Internet websites and blogs.

The latest impact on information rests in social media, where natter sites like Twitter function as 24/7 newsrooms.

What do you make of all this? How do you know what you can trust?

Those are open ended questions but there’s a very good primer at Tablet Magazine everyone who seeks news should read. Lee Smith tackles these issues and more in his excellent analysis, ‘Fusion GPS Illuminates the Brave New World of Manufactured News for Hire.’  

Smith explores how the investigative reporter model has been replaced with opposition research firms, among other entities.

It’s noteworthy that no one was more adept at mobilizing bias than former President Barack Obama and his bevy of opinion makers, including the writer of fiction Ben Rhodes. Rhodes’ degree is in creative writing. He served as Obama’s deputy national security adviser. Rhodes’ brother held the position of president of CBS News. Ask yourself what could go wrong?

Rhodes confessed to fabrication publicly, to leftist publications, regarding matters like the Iran deal:

“As Rhodes explained to his bemused interviewer, David Samuels, in a New York Times Magazine profile this weekend, it was first necessary to lie to a corrupted and inexperienced American media about all sorts of things, beginning with the nature and intentions of the enemy Iranian regime. Subsequent lies were caked on, as the White House took advantage of a dangerous mix of journalists’ ignorance, their ideological and partisan commitment to the administration, and, finally, their career aspirations.”  

Prior to Obama’s questionable Iran deal—no investigations ensued—the ‘Journolist’ scandal should have given every American pause when it came to information. It didn’t because most of legacy media did not keep that story above the fold 24/7. The network of journalists, academics, and others (possibly even foreign interests) colluding to elect Obama was quickly swept under the rug simply because the Democrat Party has a definite edge on messaging. This has long been true.

In his article at Tablet, Smith explains how companies like Fusion GPS play a role in media and politics, with the latest meme having to do with ‘The Great Kremlin Conspiracy.’ Anyone consuming ‘news’ should read this article. Media aren’t alone in controlling politics and policy in this country. The federal bureaucracy overwhelmingly dominated by Democrats and leftists does too. Regulatory powers vested in federal agencies have usurped the role of Congress, and many members are happy with that because they can watch their dirty work being handled by bureaucrats who don’t have to face reelection.

Smith interviewed a reporter who shared this about Fusion GPS:

“And now, says the journalist, “they’re guns for hire. They were hired to dig up dirt on donors to Mitt Romney’s campaign, they were hired by Planned Parenthood after a video exposing some of the organization’s controversial practices.”

Fusion GPS has also played a direct role in what I believe is an attempted coup to remove a legitimately elected US president. The fake dossier on President Donald Trump allegedly originated there. Subsequently former FBI head James Comey actually leaked his own memos based on a meeting with the president to a legacy leftist newspaper.

To date, Americans haven’t seen a shred of real evidence indicating Russia had any impact on the US election. Comey’s leak was strategic—he wanted a special counsel. One of the attorneys appointed by that special counsel was fired after Trump took office. The investigation appears to be aimed not just at Trump, but at his family and others in his circle.

Thus when you scan headlines on news sites, and you see the same story repeated across cyberspace and sounding an awfully lot alike, bear in mind much of what you are reading may not be true. That won’t matter to the information pushers, but it should matter to you.

Finally, we should never forget that many of those ‘journalists’ who served as cheerleader for Obama were richly rewarded. Even the left of center leak repository The New York Times found the sheer number intriguing.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 25, 2017)


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