WaPo implies smart phones foreign to rural areas, as media make enemy of themselves

WaPo article eclipse

It’s likely most Tweeters taking issue with this header didn’t read the WaPo article about the eclipse and smart phone capacity. (Snip/Twitter)

Often I’ve heard people say President Donald Trump can be his own worst enemy when it comes to Twitter. I agree with that. The same can be said of media. And it is getting completely out of hand. When you condescend to people because of an eclipse, it’s obvious you have a serious case of ruling class delusion.

The latest example came in the form of a Tweet from The Washington Post (colloquially called WaPo or WaPoo depending on your bent). 

WaPo was promoting an article about the total solar eclipse on August 21. The headline read:

“Rural towns in the eclipse’s path brace for a flood of smartphone-toting visitors”

Now if, unlike the vast majority of Web users, you actually read the story, you’d see it’s about capacity and the challenge rural communities will face when it comes to signal strength and like that. The headline betrayed the bias of the writer and editor. Naturally many on Twitter responded with biting sarcasm about rural folk and smart phones.

I’m not linking to the story, by the way. I lost all respect for the paper a long time ago when the publisher attempted to sell access to President Barack Obama’s administration officials “for as much as $250,000.” The event was canceled after media took note.  No one ever asked the president how he felt about the whole deal. Did he give permission? We’ll never know.

For those who don’t know, this newspaper, now owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, was a routine press ally for Democrats in the 1960s. It’d be hard to measure how much propaganda was distributed within those pages, in my opinion, as Democrats in charge sent approximately 60,000 American youth to their deaths in Vietnam, a war begun on what is now generally believed to be a lie.

Members of the ruling class in the US, including many media types and their associates, have little regard for Americans outside the club. Our current immigration policy, based on policy I believe was started because politicians wanted to play both sides of the civil rights aisle and in 1965 imported a class of workers as US blacks began to realize gains, is a perfect example.

Another example came from a fellow on Twitter whose name I didn’t know until I saw his arrogant post. He [https://twitter.com/StuPolitics]  wrote:

“Lots of people in West Virginia can’t support themselves or speak English.”

Classic example of an urban rube, that.

Currently there is a war between the ruling class and the roughly 63 million people who voted for Trump instead of Democrats’ selectee Hillary Clinton. That war is demonstrated not just by politicos and US profiteers attempting to nullify those votes. It is demonstrated by their friends in media ever eager to look down on regular Americans and institute authoritarian rule over thoughts, speech, and earnings.

If you are counting on the majority of media to keep you informed about vital matters, you are trusting an industry who thinks very little of you.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 4, 2017)

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