While you were tweeting: N. Korea, tax hike, GOT, and more news buried

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At present, public dialog is being controlled by extremist factions of different political persuasions, but real news actually broke this week.

Stories about the debt, North Korea, unemployment, and crime broke. And there was a big get for some Game of Thrones fans.

One good news story involves US debt not to be confused with our deficit

Since President Donald Trump took office, the national debt has gone down significantly, by $102 billion. Even left of center websites acknowledged this while predictably warning they couldn’t find evidence Trump should be credited.

Amid North Korea despot Kim Jong-Un’s routine threats to the US, Japan, and others, the Trump administration managed to do something new. Additional UN resolutions on sanctions got unanimous approval, including yes votes from China and Russia:

“The U.N. Security Council on Friday expanded targeted sanctions against North Korea after its repeated missile tests, adopting the first such resolution agreed by the United States and Pyongyang’s only major ally China since President Donald Trump took office.”

Shortly thereafter, Kim backed off his threat to bomb waters around US territory Guam.

On August 15, the US unemployment rate fell again—to 4.3 percent. This measures the number of Americans looking for work, not those who’ve dropped out of the labor force, but it’s the same measure used by the previous president.

suspected member MS-13

A suspected member of the violent MS-13 gang is detained by authorities. (FBI file photo)

Keeping a pledge to crack down on transnational gangs whose recruits and members often steal into the country illegally, prosecutors at the US Dept. of Justice charged 17 alleged members of the violent MS-13 gang with “murder, attempted murder, assault, arson as well as drug and weapons charges.”

Today the DOJ announced a guilty plea put forth by a man charged with attempting to bomb a synagogue in Florida.

On Aug. 15 authorities in Kennewick (WA) began to release information about Hussein D. Hassan, a man who attacked two police officers with a sword. This was not Hassan’s first attack on policemen. The officers shot Hassan whose family appears to believe he was the victim of bias. Some media have reported Hassan is a refugee from Somalia, but I haven’t been able to verify that and most media deliberately omit such information.

Fans of Game of Thrones are disturbed upon learning the next episode (6) was mistakenly released by HBO Espana and HBO Nordic. Before HBO could contain the fallout, although the episode was only available for an hour, copies had naturally been delivered to various file-sharing services.

There was also news every American should prepare for because it is difficult to tell how things will evolve. As it now stands, it appears the health insurance tax Democrats (with help from Republicans) happily delayed until 2018 after President Barack Obama departed office will now kick in. People in the individual market can expect premiums to rise approximately $158 according to Axios, and $540 per family in the large employer market.

Other taxes, such as those on medical devices, can be applied whimsically if Congress becomes concerned about the cost of PPACA/Obamacare. Most Americans don’t realize all the PPACA taxes haven’t kicked in yet. After all, reporting something like that would make media uncomfortable. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have done anything to stop this although all of them know what is coming.

Once again the alt-left has deprived Americans of their rights to expression. A protest planned at Google properties has been canceled because of customary threats. The vast majority of media refuse to acknowledge violence from the alt-left because that sector usually aligns with leftists and socialists. The protest mission was to support the First Amendment limiting government power over speech. Once again, fascists stole the rights of others.

Those are but a few of the many worthy stories the evening news, cable news, and dinosaur print media ignored. While you were tweeting, news was breaking. Most media were too busy with their ongoing effort to unseat a legitimately elected president to tell you what’s really going on.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/August 16, 2017)



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