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In 2013 Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) questioned then-FBI chief Robert Mueller about the IRS investigation and other investigations. No bureaucrats were prosecuted for depriving Americans of their civil rights.
(via Sen. Ted Cruz on YouTube/snip)

Media have noted the departure of Peter Strzok from Robert Mueller’s well-staffed team investigating allegations about Russia interfering in the 2016 presidential election. The team was formed after President Donald Trump’s victory upended months of media projecting Democrats’ selectee Hillary Clinton would win.

This is a mini-mystery.

Strzok was also one of the investigators in the Hillary Clinton email scandal. He headed up the buy modafinil online sun pharma according to ABC News. 

Strzok also helped ‘interview’ Mrs. Clinton behind closed doors. Shortly thereafter, then-chief James Comey delivered a statement implying Mrs. Clinton had broken laws, but because there was no “intent”, there would be no charges. (Remember that one if you’re ever charged with a federal crime.)

buy modafinil singapore is still posted on the FBI website.

What makes this even more mysterious is where Strzok went after leaving Mueller’s group. According to media, he is now working in the Human Resources Dept. at the FBI.

When a so-called “top” investigator is relegated to the Human Resources Dept., alarm bells automatically go off. It amounts to a demotion in my opinion.

Over at Zero Hedge, buy modafinil paypal posited:

“Perhaps Mueller decided that one massively botched investigation was enough for Strzok?”

After a lengthy search, I gave up on additional bio info about Strzok, but I think a question on the flip side of the coin is also relevant.

Did Strzok get the boot because he dared to oppose Mueller in some way?

Mueller has a large team and he’s been given buy modafinil europe in one of the Justice Dept. buildings where civil rights and environmental divisions are located. Wonder how much leftist influence those divisions are under?

While media did mark Strzok’s transfer to Human Resources, the significance of that new position seems to escape them.

You don’t take a top investigator and shuttle him to Human Resources on a whim.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day, 8/18/17)

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