Who really inherited a mess? Dr. Ben Carson at HUD

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson shown here with his wife and grandchild as VP Mike Pence swears him in as HUD secretary. (Federal photo)

When Dr. Ben Carson was appointed Secretary of US Housing and Urban Development, criticism erupted from the Left. Fact is HUD has been a very troubled agency as long as it’s been in existence. Now we’re seeing exactly how big a mess Dr. Carson inherited from his predecessor Julian Castro (D-Texas).

Recently Judicial Watch broke news about a HUD director in Michigan who is facing federal charges over fraud with taxpayer money to the tune of $336,000. 

Both Republican and Democrat presidents have seen their HUD secretaries fail. Castro was remarkable because President Barack Obama appointed him after the city where he was mayor, San Antonio, erred with HUD funds while he was mayor:

side effects of doxycycline 100mg “The report also found that the city misused roughly $1.1 million when acquiring and fixing properties because some of the properties were not put toward housing lower-income families as required by HUD.”

Regarding the Michigan director, Judicial Watch explained allegations against Lorena Loren:

“For eight years Loren used government credit cards as her personal piggy bank, buying items for herself and relatives, according to a federal charging document obtained by a Detroit, Michigan newspaper. She racked up around $135,000 in purchases from online retailer Amazon, $14,364 at big-box store Sam’s Club and $16,460 at various Walmart stores. The purchases included food, medicine, appliances, furniture, clothing and booze. The disgraced housing director also used $24,600 in agency funds to pay for her son’s rental unit, falsified documents—including lease agreements to use housing voucher cash to rent a home for her son—and deposited federal rental subsidy funds into family members’ bank accounts. Loren has been charged with conspiracy to commit federal program fraud and faces up to five years in prison.”

While Democrats criticized President Donald Trump for appointing Dr. Carson to the post, very few media have made much of the epic fraud HUD has been plagued with.

Dr. Carson inherited a mess. Hopefully he can bring accountability to an agency long plagued by lack of it. He certainly has the ability.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 22, 2017)

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