‘Dossier’ deception: Whom to believe?

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Although most traditional politics and news media are ignoring the Russia scandal implicating Democrats’ national committee and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, there is robust discussion on social media.

There is some comedy in this debate, with current Democrat party leaders pointing the finger at leaders like  Rep. Debbie W. Schultz (FL) who was in charge of the party machine during most of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

Some of the debate concerns the infamous ‘dossier’. 

Some media have stated a GOP “client” or “donor” commissioned the original research on President Donald Trump as a candidate. Other media say that is incorrect. Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist wrote:

“There is no evidence that a Republican donor or Republican campaign was ever involved with the Russian dossier. Fusion GPS claimed to reporters (though they did not provide evidence) that a Republican funded separate opposition research on Trump, dealing with his business interests. But as the Washington Post itself reports, the dossier did not exist until after the Democrats hired Fusion GPS…”

Hemingway addresses a number of other claims in her analysis, including the fact the purchaser of the ‘dossier’ received information that came directly from insiders in the Russian government.

Most troubling is the question of how the US government, with President Barack Obama at the helm, used this opposition research for obtaining warrants or unmasking people. If this was  done, all who participated should be held accountable.

On the matter of GOP opposition research, I can accept the “donor” or whoever was doing what candidates often do to obtain information to damage an opponent. But it’s hard to accept someone doing business with the company who hired the ex-spy, a British spy at that, who apparently used some seriously questionable sources.

If you’re talking about this, read Hemingway’s analysis at The Federalist. It’s an eye-opener, and as best I can tell, it’s accurate.

(Kay B. Day/commentary/Oct. 26, 2017)

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