Kay B. Day

Kay B. Day

I’ve written hundreds of articles and provided content to publications like The Christian Science Monitor, The Writer, Coastal Homes, The Florida Times Union (and many other  newspapers), United Press International, Sky News, Human Events and others. I freelanced regular columns about poetry and writing for The Writer, both print and online.

Nonfiction anthologies containing my work include Faces of Freedom, The Writer’s Handbook, and textbooks.

I’ve written one nonfiction book, Killing Earl. It’s a memoir about a mystery illness our younger daughter experienced, and recounts how we navigated the medical maze until she was healed. A new nonfiction book is in the final stages and is slated to publish in 2016.

I edited an award-winning pharmacy journal as a freelancer for more than 10 years, worked on a contract basis for a state natural resources agency on projects related to the Bald Eagle, the Peregrine Falcon, other threatened and endangered species, and special natural areas. I also worked as communications director for the SC Forestry Association. I’ve provided content to criminal justice organizations as well as many small businesses. I served as writer-in-residence working on a community information project for a major teaching hospital.

My poetry is published in journals like the magazine published by the Florida Council of Teachers of English, and on Web sites and in magazines like Foliate Oak, Pif, ByLine and Fairfield Review. It’s included in anthologies like Letters to the World and in text materials created by educational publishers. I’ve done poems on TV, at live events and on public radio. A special moment for me was reading at the U.S. Library of Congress in Washington for Florida Poets Arrive. My collection A Poetry Break won several awards, and it was selected by a bookseller’s organization as one of several nominees for poetry book of the year.

I was honored to serve as senior media analyst for The Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention held in Charleston, S.C. in 2010, and I composed a special poem in honor of that event and those who received the medal.

Causes I advocate for are the military, small businesses, at-risk youth and government reform.

My professional memberships include acceptance in the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Authors Guild.

I am available for commentary and interviews on talk radio. I also write for Watchdog Arena,  a publication of the Franklin Center for Public Integrity.

Editorial content and plank

News at Day on the Day is presented as objectively as possible. Those stories will carry a “Filed by” tag by the byline.

Commentary, opinion, and analyses are tagged as such and they are written from a Republican-libertarian philosophy—free markets, an efficient federal government that does not over-reach, personal freedoms, and a strong national defense. Subjects range from lifestyles in the U.S. to politics across the nation. I also like to write about authors I admire and books I like.

My compass for government is the U.S. Constitution. Sometimes I may be uncomfortable with what that really means, but that contract is the glue that holds the Republic together.

Advertising, Sponsorships, and Donations

Donations from readers are necessary in order to keep the site online. We don’t use 3rd party ads, but we will accept direct ads from small businesses, candidates, and nonprofit groups. Sponsorships or donations, even small, are welcome. Independent publishing is difficult, but it’s critical in these times because we will carry stories large media either overlook or refuse to carry because of their own political objectives.


Submissions are welcome. Please use the email form on our contact page to pitch your idea. We pay a small honorarium for content.

Letters to the Editor are welcome. If you don’t want your letter published, just tell us and we won’t.

Tips are welcome and may be sent to the email address above.

Privacy Policy

We don’t share reader information with any 3rd party marketing companies. We don’t share email addresses with anyone. We do use a statistics tracker, but we have no idea about individual identities.

Need a speaker or talk show guest?

Please contact me at the ‘Submissions’ email address if you’d like to schedule a talk for your group or radio show.


We welcome comments from readers. We do moderate comments, but approval is usually very fast.

Books Kay B. Day

Books by Kay B. Day include ‘A Poetry Break’ and ‘Killing Earl’. Anthologies containing work by Day and other authors include ‘Faces of Freedom’, ‘The Writer’s Handbook’, ‘The New Writer’s Handbook’, ‘Letters to the World’, and various educational and instructional texts. All are traditionally published.

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  23. In regards to the LT being wrongfully imprisoned is there anything that I could do since I live very close to Ft. Bragg? Just get back to me on Facebook. Thank you.

    • Kay Day says:

      Jacob, there’s a FAQ at the http://www.freeclintlorance.com/ website that explains how we can help. Sharing the petition and asking others to sign it is a great way to help as well. Thank you for your support of a soldier who is a US political prisoner.

    • Kay Day says:

      Jacob, there’s a message in your Facebook email from me about this. It will be in your ‘other’ folder because I’m not on your ‘friends’ list. Thank you for your interest in this case. Best, KBD

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