An ongoing office ‘garage sale’. Offering overstocked items for resale from my office at budget-friendly prices. Only one of each item will be offered. Orders are filled promptly.

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Items on hand. Only one of each in stock.

Items on hand. Only one of each in stock.

[Book, top left] The Mirror Cracked by Agatha Christie; hardcover from Mystery Collection, Bantam Books; 1962; good condition: $8

[Magazine, top center] Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 6, Dec., 1964; good condition, some natural wear in color on pages due to ageing of paper; illustrations: $18

[Book] Unfinished Business (spy novel, 1947) by Cary Lucas; Inscribed to the Mimosa Inn, 12-25-47 by Caryl L. Elsey; hardcover, good condition: $14

[Ink Cartridge Bundle] 1 Epson 200 color Multi-Pack (cyan, magenta, yellow) T200520; 1 Epson 200 Standard Capacity Black; 1 Epson 200XL High Capacity Yellow; all unopened. We changed our printers in the office and these cartridges don’t fit the new machines. Bundle: $30.

Items in Inventory