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An ongoing office ‘garage sale’. Offering overstocked items for resale from my office at budget-friendly prices. Only one of each item will be offered. Orders are filled promptly.

If you have a question, just use buy modafinil uk reddit and we’ll respond.

Please pay by using PayPal drop down menu at the bottom of the page. All proceeds help pay expenses for keeping Day on the Day online.

Items on hand. Only one of each in stock.

Items on hand. Only one of each in stock.

[Book, top left] The Mirror Cracked by Agatha Christie; hardcover from Mystery Collection, Bantam Books; 1962; good condition: $8

[Magazine, top center] Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 6, Dec., 1964; good condition, some natural wear in color on pages due to ageing of paper; illustrations: $18

[Book] Unfinished Business (spy novel, 1947) by Cary Lucas; Inscribed to the Mimosa Inn, 12-25-47 by Caryl L. Elsey; hardcover, good condition: $14

[Ink Cartridge Bundle] 1 Epson 200 color Multi-Pack (cyan, magenta, yellow) T200520; 1 Epson 200 Standard Capacity Black; 1 Epson 200XL High Capacity Yellow; all unopened. We changed our printers in the office and these cartridges don’t fit the new machines. Bundle: $30.

Items in Inventory

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