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Although most traditional politics and news media are ignoring the Russia scandal implicating Democrats’ national committee and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, there is robust discussion on social media. There is some comedy in this debate, with current Democrat party … buy modafinil online canada

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Left of center media have finally made official what most of us already knew. The national committee for Democrats was (allegedly) in on the infamous ‘dossier’ casting outrageous allegations against President Donald Trump. Note I used quotes around ‘dossier’ because … buy modafinil bangkok

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The Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization I once admired, has become a lightning rod for many in discussions of acts of ‘hate’ in US communities. Media, including this site, often use their information when covering hot topics. What most … order modafinil europe

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With President Donald Trump’s visit to Poland, Americans may rediscover a country few US media pay much attention to. When Trump said, “[T]he West will never, ever be broken,” it resonated with his audience. Poland’s history is one long narrative … buy genuine modafinil

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Gibson Guitars should be smiling today. For one thing, news broke that President Donald Trump is discontinuing a shady policy the Department of Justice applied in dealing with US businesses. For another, watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Justice … buy modafinil legit

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For years, I’ve been the butt of jokes because of my politics writings, along the lines of, “You gonna get droned one of these days.” Well, I finally got ‘droned’, but it wasn’t the federal government who did the deed. … buy modafinil online overnight

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Today’s media often make me think of gossipmongers nattering about and embellishing the same rumors day after day. Many stories that might make a difference in Americans’ lives don’t get the above the fold treatment because they don’t fit the … buy modafinil silk road

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