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Recently my daughters, both of whom are musicians, agreed to perform a hymn for a baptism. The hymn, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” has been widely performed and recorded. Mumford and Sons reportedly cover it sometimes in their performances.

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When you freelance as long as I have, you accumulate things in your office. Especially books. You also accumulate office supplies and usually when a piece of equipment breaks as our printer recently did, you end up with cartridges and … buy modafinil bitcoin

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Warning: Linked articles include some spoiler info. Every now and then we have a TV night here, and we often struggle to find something we’d like to watch. Summer viewing options can really be a challenge. Amid the expanding pile … buy modafinil uk next day delivery

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I saw a snippet of a video shot by Ami Horowitz on the campus of Portland State University. I knew PSU’s students were on the fringe left. What I didn’t know was the depth of depravity these students could drop … buy modafinil online hong kong

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Is there a better way to give you a lift than reading a good poem? For quite some time I’ve received a free poem in my morning email. Unlike some other sites, Your Daily Poem selects works from a very … buy modafinil online legal

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When Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash debuted, even legacy media acknowledged the shady nature of global dealings by US royal couple Bill and Hillary Clinton. Schweizer’s book has been made into a documentary film that will debut in May at … buy modafinil philippines

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Democrats in general are hostile to limits on government power over speech, but the latest assault on the First Amendment should disturb every American. A dustup occurred between Dems and Republicans at the Federal Election Commission. At the heart of … buy modafinil spain

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