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Pt. 2 of 3 The book Lone Survivor became a bestseller for first time author Marcus Luttrell. Co-author Patrick Robinson is an acclaimed writer of fiction and nonfiction and had already racked up bestsellers. I didn’t know much about the … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Pt. 1 of 3 The film Lone Survivor opens across the U.S. on Friday, providing an account of Operation Red Wings. The film is based on the book by the same name written by Marcus Luttrell, the sole Navy SEAL … can you buy modafinil at walmart

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I once wrote an essay as part of a global movement to lobby for the equivalent of the 1st amendment in every country. Free expression, assembly, and choice of faith are among the linchpins of liberty. Sadly, the U.S. 1st … buy modafinil smart drug

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Every Christmas it takes us forever to decorate the tree because each ornament has its own story. There’s the paper star my younger daughter made in 2nd grade. The hand-crafted ball my aunt stitched a piece of my grandmother’s tatting … buy modafinil glasgow

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VIXX, described by media as a 6-member South Korean boy band, began trending at the top on Twitter as soon as the group won 1st place in a competition called Music Bank that seems similar to American Idol. VIXX took … buy modafinil in london

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One of my favorite sites to read is WattsUPWithThat?, a blog devoted to intriguing discussions about science, climate change, the planet, technology and other such matters. Founded by Anthony Watts, the site never disappoints, and adopts a rational approach to … buy modafinil nl

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Archie Comics CEO Nancy Silberkleit has made news again, this time because she’s the target of a gender discrimination lawsuit. Silberkleit allegedly referred to employees by using the term ‘penis’ instead of their names.

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