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Did Fox News’ Howard Kurtz forget the heyday of investigative journalism when the program 60 Minutes was highly regarded? Or perhaps Kurtz forgot the “bartender” who caught a Republican presidential nominee in a moment so remarkable it impacted the 2012 … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Bruce Kauffmann’s influence on media and culture stemmed from his work with national news media as well as his presentations as a popular speaker. Kauffmann agreed to do an interview with Day on the Day, and we are honored to … buy modafinil boots

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First Lady Michelle Obama is in China at present, and media have lauded her for calling attention to the importance of freedom of speech. Her statements to students in a communist country, however, are at odds with President Barack Obama’s … buy modafinil egypt

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Matthew McConaughey, after receiving a well-deserved Oscar for best actor, apparently stunned his audience and select progressive media by crediting God for his talent. McConaughey’s award honored his performance as a heterosexual horndog cowboy who contracts AIDS. There are moments … buy modafinil hong kong

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If you decide to make a film about an event that is part and parcel of major faiths, you  can pretty much predict there will be debate. That is the case with the film Noah starring Russell Crowe; it will … buy modafinil legally

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You never know how THE big game will go, and when one team obliterates the other, you pretty much end up with a Snoozer Bowl instead of the Super Bowl you made all those snacks for. Courtesy of the quasi-free … buy modafinil online uk

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The U.S. Dept. of Justice has filed an indictment against filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, alleging violation of federal campaign finance laws. As many of us question whether this indictment isn’t just an extension of the targeting of individuals and groups seeking … buy modafinil online pharmacy

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