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US officials are said to be “updating plans” for evacuating embassy personnel in Yemen because of instability in that country. Many analysts believe the unrest in Yemen is directly influenced by Iran’s meddling. As the Nov. 24 deadline for an … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Pt. 2 In the past, we would not think of the United States as a country where a person can be put in prison for political reasons. The term ‘political prisoner’ seems more applicable to communist countries like Cuba or … buy modafinil brisbane

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If you research academic papers on Ebola hemorrhagic fever, you will learn a lot about the virus and you will also learn we have much more to learn about it. In a press conference in Bethesda (Md.) today, Dr. Anthony … buy modafinil uk fast delivery

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There’s a lot of literature on Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) and its sibling Marburg, dating to decades in the past. Culled from a number of academic papers, here are 5 interesting things, mysteries of sorts, about this hemorrhagic fever.

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When Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan visited Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital the first time, he left out a key fact that may have changed the response of healthcare workers who attended him. Duncan’s family has released more than 1,400 pages … buy modafinil london

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A punch list on a deadly disease Present: Tom Frieden, President Obama’s 2009 appointee as director of the Centers for Disease Control, has become a familiar face to Americans. Frieden has appeared on numerous networks to downplay the risks of … buy modafinil online cheap

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Update on Ebola In early September Lakeland Industries (New York) issued a news release stating the company was “ready to join the fight against the spread of Ebola.” Lakeland (NASDAQ: LAKE) describes itself as “a leading global manufacturer of industrial … buy modafinil romania

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