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Amid political assault, OC college student figuratively gagged by biased instructor

Imagine sitting in a college classroom and hearing an instructor bash the US president you voted for as the product of an “act of terrorism.” Then imagine that same instructor, in the vein of Chairman Mao, telling students who supported … Continue reading

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In covering protesters blocking DeVos, media ignored facts about school

After US Dept. of Education secretary Betsy DeVos was sworn in, one of the first schools she tried to visit was Jefferson Middle School Academy. DeVos was met by a swarm of protesters. How many of those protesters were parents … Continue reading

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Clinton got $16 million from private school; founder got $55 million taxpayer dollars

Hillary and Bill Clinton have a gorilla sized hand in running world politics, and both have profited by directing their influence to likeminded groups and individuals. As GOP nominee Donald Trump deals with a court case over his for-profit institution, … Continue reading

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Leftwing students at PSU donate to cause “to wipe Israel off the map”

I saw a snippet of a video shot by Ami Horowitz on the campus of Portland State University. I knew PSU’s students were on the fringe left. What I didn’t know was the depth of depravity these students could drop … Continue reading

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Fascist clampdown on speech in Mass. after cheerleader spoke on election turnout

In Revere, Massachusetts, a fascist clampdown on speech helped bench a high school cheerleader. What was the only offense the education authorities acknowledged publicly? 

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Heil, MU! First Amendment canceled by professor and mob

During a staged protest at the University of Missouri on Monday, an assistant professor aided by an apparently lobotomized mob shut down a reporter’s rights in such an outrageous manner the prof should be fired and banned from education on … Continue reading

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Big dollars in education policy sector for ‘white privilege’ and ‘biases’

If you’re a parent with a child in public school, you will, by the time the child graduates, have been exposed to numerous policy wonks who reap big taxpayer bucks for experimenting on students. Education policy, often experimental, is a … Continue reading

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