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US House Speaker Paul Ryan has called GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s remarks about a judge in a politically driven lawsuit over Trump University “racist.” Trump noted the judge’s ethnicity and the businessman said he isn’t being treated fairly. He … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Donald Trump, presumptive GOP nominee for president, has again grabbed headlines for blunt remarks about the judge presiding over the lawsuit against Trump University. Trump referred to Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel’s Mexican ethnicity, and Democrats, their allies in media, and … buy modafinil brazil

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With Democrats in turmoil over a contender for the seat vacated by Sen. Marco Rubio, one leftist newspaper falsely claimed no Republican has “managed to distinguish himself.” Why would a newspaper insult Rep. Ron DeSantis, considering his exemplary record? Patrick … buy modafinil from canada

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Donald Trump has secured the number of delegates for the Republican presidential nomination. Trump was destined to win the nomination anyway because he was already so close to the oft-cited “magic” number of 1237, with five more primaries taking place … buy modafinil in mexico

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I spent part of yesterday responding to inane tweets from the anti-Trump sector whose efforts benefit Hillary Clinton. I blocked a dozen or so of those who continued to badger me to watch a video attacking Donald Trump. Why would … buy modafinil now

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Media are reporting on violence at a rally where Donald Trump spoke in Albuquerque (NM) on Tuesday. Cars were vandalized, rocks were thrown at police, and at least one Trump supporter who is wheelchair bound claimed he was assaulted. What … buy modafinil sun pharma

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In a recent interview on Fox & Friends, Colorado governor John Hickenlooper touted Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s experience and singled out one asset in particular. The governor said nothing about the Clinton email scandal or her policies that in at least … modafinil to buy online

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