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Ted Cruz deftly acquired Colorado delegates for the GOP nomination by working the system. As frontrunner Donald Trump complained, the Cruz crew celebrated an assortment of delegates that include a husband and wife as well as a high school senior. … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Jake Tapper lightened up a dark presidential politics season when he snagged a few minutes for a brief on unidentified flying objects. Tapper’s interview subject was none other than John Podesta, longtime Washington insider who served both presidents Bill Clinton … buy modafinil belgium

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Much attention has been focused on convention rules for both political parties as infighting continues among supporters of various candidates. As a result, Americans are learning more about rules for selecting a presidential nominee on both sides of the aisle. … order modafinil europe

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Peaceful protest is the right of all to express opinions publicly, but the people stalking events for various presidential candidates are not peaceful protesters. Most presidential candidates, even Democrats, have been confronted by individuals seeking to stifle voices, not to … buy modafinil in malaysia

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Joey Salads pranked passersby in Hollywood (CA) by alternately holding up two signs. One sign said ‘Trump’ and the other sign said ‘Bernie.’ Consequences were predictable. 

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Heading into the primary season, who would’ve thought Wisconsin would become a key state in the process? On Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) on the Republican side and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont) on the other side won the state of … buy modafinil paypal uk

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*For the impatient reader, I’ve underscored key points about the rules. Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus has his work cut out for him. Currently there’s a static split on the grassroots level within his party. Within that split are … buy modafinil spain

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