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Amid new releases documenting failures of both President Barack Obama and his then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton on Benghazi (Libya), Americans are blind to the threat the 2012 attack poses to freedoms for every person in the USA. Media are … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Rocking the wealthiest corners of the world, Brexit will now be in the hands of those who transition the UK government to withdraw from the European Union. The historic vote by the British people will have an impact on the … buy modafinil belgium

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Longtime Clinton observers know exactly where Hillary Clinton’s interests lie—in her deep pockets. Dating to the Clintons’ exit from the White House, including taking furniture and other objects they did not own, adults who lived through Mr. Clinton’s presidency would … buy modafinil from canada

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National political media have set up Donald Trump as a target and Hillary Clinton as someone whose “experience” is trustworthy. Never mind how Mrs. Clinton’s “experience” unglued the Mideast and North Africa. Forget how her malfeasance with a personal email … buy modafinil in singapore

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Anytime a controversial person expresses support for a Republican candidate, with or without the candidate’s blessing, national TV networks make much of it. For days after the support is expressed, the attempted tainting of the GOP candidate occupies 24/7 news … buy modafinil new york

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Presumed GOP nominee Donald Trump is already doing something failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney didn’t try to do in 2012. Trump has cast an eye to the embattled state of Pennsylvania shunned by GOP presidential candidates for decades. Yet the … get modafinil prescribed uk

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Former CIA officer Sabrina De Sousa is about to be extradited to Italy, sentenced to prison for serving the US government in accordance with the policy of the president at the time. De Sousa has, like others, been abandoned by … buy modafinil in the uk

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