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China’s deal: What media didn’t say amid questions to Mattis on Iraq oil

After being asleep at the wheel for eight years, media are suddenly concerned about US interests in Iraq oil. CNN reported: “Before departing for his first trip to Baghdad as US Defense Secretary, James Mattis told reporters, “We’re not in … Continue reading

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Trump’s Iraq oil comments beg question: America First, or China?

During an NBC News forum on Wednesday, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said the United States should’ve taken the oil in Iraq, thereby preventing ISIS from benefiting from oil profits. Pundits are nattering on both left and right, but conversations … Continue reading

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Democrats go totalitarian on global warming dissenters; time to RICO profiteers

Democrats have, in general, long been hostile to the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. Recently a group of congressmen in Washington decided to attempt to nullify the 1st Amendment in an effort to gag experts who disagree that man … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy? Fox grills Trump on eminent domain

Donald Trump did an interview with Fox News this morning—I think the presenter was Martha MacCallum, but I don’t watch enough TV to know most of these personalities’ names. Anyway, she grilled Trump on a talking point some of his … Continue reading

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Ignore Democrats’ warming alarmism; pay the price for their power grab

President Barack Obama is back on the stump promoting global warming alarmism under the banner of climate change. Like religious fanatics waiting atop a mountain for the end of days, Obama and his fellows in the warmist-industrial complex aim to … Continue reading

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Obama policy on Cuba opens door for drilling, but at odds with anti-carbon rhetoric

President Barack Obama’s calls, echoed by fellow Democrats like Hillary Clinton, to lift the embargo on Cuba will open the door for the communist country to drill in waters near Florida. 

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Benefits to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and a pipeline if Obama nuclear deal holds

If President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran holds, big benefits will be realized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. The Guards were formed as a parallel to the military after the country’s transition to an authoritarian regime partly empowered because of … Continue reading

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