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Why Obamacare and Ryancare won’t solve our healthcare issues

Democrats had good reason to gloat when Republicans failed to pass House Speaker Paul Ryan’s replacement for the PPACA/Obamacare tax bill. After all, Republicans campaigned on repeal-and-replace for years. Ryan couldn’t get votes he needed from his own party. Although … Continue reading

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Obama’s ‘final’ presser points to need for drastic change in media

Yesterday, President Barack Obama bid another “final” farewell to media workers who, if you watched the broadcast, obviously still have a collective crush on the president who will officially leave office tomorrow when President Elect Donald Trump is sworn in. … Continue reading

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Debate takeaways: Creepy clown smiles, missing $6 billion, and Iraq war vote

The final presidential debate in Las Vegas on October 19 delivered what many who support Donald Trump for president wanted to see. The Republican nominee kept his temper despite statements from his opponent that were designed to rattle him because, … Continue reading

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Email leaks ignored by US politics media to keep voters ‘unaware and compliant’

WikiLeaks has released a flood of new documents allegedly hacked from longtime Clinton insider John Podesta’s email account. The emails contain explosive material such as the need to produce “an unaware and compliant citizenry.” 

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Hypocrisy in bloom as we learn Clintons, NYT benefited from tax code

Do you know anyone of sound mind who actually wants to pay more taxes than legally necessary? I don’t. Everyone I know, come tax time, is looking to take advantage of every deduction and credit available to lower his or … Continue reading

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Twelve amazing things media and politicos don’t talk about on US-Mexico policy

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has done something no other presidential candidate has done in decades—put an America First agenda on the table for US voters. President Barack Obama has done the opposite, and so did his secretary of state … Continue reading

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Why are taxpayers funding strip clubs and gambling?

Anyone who digs into government records and reports available online will soon realize just how irresponsible and even dishonest the federal bureaucracy has become. Now a new report from the Dept. of Defense Inspector General shows US taxpayers are funding … Continue reading

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