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US News & World Report best states: Curiosities and sidenotes

US News & World Report rated states to see which ones performed best for the people who live there. If you look at facts about the states, it’s interesting when you look at the top five and compare populations to … Continue reading

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Discredited media and pollsters in shock after completely overlooking GOP women

After GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump won the 2016 election, discredited media and pollsters are in shock. I am glad the man I supported won the election, but I have tire tracks on my back from social media dustups. I’ve … Continue reading

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As Clinton reverts to name-calling, Facebook page reflects character of her supporters

Hillary Clinton has reverted to calling supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump names again. If Mrs. Clinton was a man, she’d have tanked her campaign just as Mitt Romney did when he spouted off his now-infamous “47 percent remarks” … Continue reading

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In Florida Primary, icons from each party depart as Rubio gears up for US Senate run

The outcomes in Florida’s Primary Election on Aug. 30 were pretty much what we expected. Even the ousting of Rep. Corrine Brown, an icon in the Democrats’ camp, was predictable. Ander Crenshaw, the Republican who has long represented House District … Continue reading

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Florida briefs: Hat tip to Scott as packed field vies for House seat and poll favors Rubio for Senate

The race for US House District 4 in Florida is a packed field while Sen. Marco Rubio is favored to succeed in his efforts for reelection. Meanwhile, Florida’s governor is due a hat tip for helping a veteran. Florida news … Continue reading

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CIA’s admission about ISIS in US; Obama and Clinton erred on “JV” comparison

With CIA director John Brennan’s shocking admission today, Americans heard for the first time from a member of the Obama administration that ISIS/ISIL is “probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives in the West, including refugee flows, smuggling … Continue reading

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Natter class implodes on LGBT issues after Orlando terrorist hits soft target

Among the least productive discussions on social media after the Orlando attacks are conversations about how vital it is to have a human rights ordinance for various types of sexual identities at the local level. Other banal commenters blame the … Continue reading

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