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Leftists and conservatives ignore major risk to US as JW files lawsuit

Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the way our gargantuan federal government is run. I think both the left and the conservatives, as well as all of us in between those two, often get frustrated over how … Continue reading

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As Trump targeted, media contradict their own tales on government spying

Now that we know someone in government spied on President Donald Trump and his staff, left of center media are aghast. Not at the egregious violation of the Fourth Amendment. No. Media are running headers chastising Trump for demanding the … Continue reading

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Goodlatte draws fire for Ethics Office changes as Trump nails it

President Elect Donald Trump hit the nail on the head when he posted a Tweet about changes to the Office of Congressional Ethics established in 2008 when Democrats held the majority. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) is drawing fire for attempting … Continue reading

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Discredited media and pollsters in shock after completely overlooking GOP women

After GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump won the 2016 election, discredited media and pollsters are in shock. I am glad the man I supported won the election, but I have tire tracks on my back from social media dustups. I’ve … Continue reading

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Election Today: Donald Trump and the US versus the Clinton World Order

As I try to post this column, my Internet connection continues to go in and out. I’ve become accustomed to it. Not only on my laptop, but on my cell phone. For instance, if I’m on Twitter and I click … Continue reading

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How can you possibly vote for Donald Trump?

Not long ago, someone I loved very much got angry with me about the 2016 election. I deliberately try to avoid talking politics with sensitive friends and family, but he persisted. One thing led to another, and he finally looked … Continue reading

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Why did Office of US Attorneys refuse to prosecute immigration benefit fraud?

A new report from the Inspector General for the Dept. of Homeland Security raised eyebrows by revealing “at least 858 individuals from special interest countries who had been ordered deported or removed under another name” were granted US citizenship. Special … Continue reading

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