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Advocating for the military has long been a cause for me, and in honor of those who gave their lives, my columns at Day on the Day will focus on military issues through Monday, May 26.

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The last day of each year is the day I always ask, “Where did the year go?” Despite the volatile climate politically and socially, 2013 seemed to fly by. There’s an additional bittersweet note as I say goodbye to my … buy modafinil online south africa

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Jahi McMath needs a miracle. She’s facing a deadline for her life support to be shut down at 5 p.m. on Monday.

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In an age where so much goes wrong with government domination of markets like housing, energy, and auto manufacturing, it shouldn’t shock us that Obamacare/PPACA appears to have its own personal Grinch. The latest fiasco occurred in Vermont with an … buy modafinil forum

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It’s Christmas and pundits yammer about how commercial the season is, or whether we should really say, “Merry Christmas,” or how pre-Christian faiths just blended their winter holiday into our own. I came across an essay that breaks with some … buy modafinil in china

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