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Hospitality workers will bear burden of cancellations at Mar a Lago

Some charities and other groups have canceled annual events scheduled for Mar a Lago, a Florida resort owned by President Donald Trump. Among those groups are the American Cancer Society and The Cleveland Clinic. I’m not surprised because for the … Continue reading

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In covering protesters blocking DeVos, media ignored facts about school

After US Dept. of Education secretary Betsy DeVos was sworn in, one of the first schools she tried to visit was Jefferson Middle School Academy. DeVos was met by a swarm of protesters. How many of those protesters were parents … Continue reading

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NLRB acts: Sweeping changes to benefit Big Labor

By Wendy N. Powell Creating the most significant policy change to strengthen union organizing power and weaken employers since the creation of the National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act of 1935),   the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) gave labor … Continue reading

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Media ignore $56 million tax dollars to labor group tied to global hotspots

Many of us were recently surprised to find the Associated Press covered a controversial program that USAID funded in Cuba. Allegations about young Latin Americans recruited for the program included the possibility of fostering dissent in that communist country. Some … Continue reading

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Did Media Matters go NIMBY on workers’ attempts to unionize?

Numerous stories, all published by new and indie media, allege that Media Matters employees have been forced to use a secret ballot in their attempts to unionize. If true, that places Media Matters in the Not-In-My-Backyard hypocrisy arena.

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