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Amid threats and ‘Berzerkeley’ riots, Clinton labor man Reich touts conspiracy theory

Americans are keenly aware the left side of the aisle currently, in part because of fake news, finds something to go berserk about. Literally berserk, as the riots at Berkeley (called ‘Berzerkeley’ in my youth) indicated. Talking to CNN, a … Continue reading

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Media fail from MLK bust to TPP: Time for an opposition fact checker

Sites purporting to serve as fact checkers on media have emerged over the years, and some are more honest than others. I have my opinions, but in the interest of fairness, I’ll just say don’t rely on one fact checker. … Continue reading

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Facebook targeted by anti free speech activists in Germany

Germany, like countless other countries, pays lip service to the ideal of free expression while applying laws to achieve the opposite of that ideal. Now Facebook is being targeted by activists in Germany who are against free speech as Americans … Continue reading

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Punished for voting stance, blogger aims fundraiser at Democrats

A blogger has created a fundraiser page at the popular GoFundMe website. Titled ‘Will Dems Lead by Example?’,  the quirky page provides an opportunity for US Democrats whose party has moved to the extreme left to practice what they preach. … Continue reading

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Gab momentum grows from backlash against claims of Twitter censorship

When I applied to social media Gab last week, there were more than 140,000 people ahead of me in the queue. So I figured it’d take some time for me to get an account. I was pleasantly surprised by what … Continue reading

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New social media site Gab offers non-censored option

Many options in social media distinctly favor left of center users, and now the market has produced a new option. Social media site Gab, still in test mode, offers a venue to those who strongly favor free expression. 

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Election 2016: Open Thread as Trump battles it out with Clinton

I’m setting this up as an open thread where anyone can comment without registration or using your real name. Risky? Yes, but I think it could be interesting. I’ll be posting updates and alerts here until we know who wins … Continue reading

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