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Should Mrs. Clinton win, middle class will be hard hit

One of the most intriguing but rarely polls in the 2016 election cycle is the daily tracking poll at The L.A. Times. Trump often leads in that poll, and within the data there’s an interesting finding. We should be talking … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy in bloom as we learn Clintons, NYT benefited from tax code

Do you know anyone of sound mind who actually wants to pay more taxes than legally necessary? I don’t. Everyone I know, come tax time, is looking to take advantage of every deduction and credit available to lower his or … Continue reading

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Trump’s tax plan: Benefits for middle class, working moms, sole proprietors

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump released his tax plan on Monday, and as promised, the plan would deliver benefits for the middle class and working moms. Trump said on Tuesday during a phone-in on Fox and Friends he will also … Continue reading

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No, tax addict Mrs. Clinton won’t champion US middle class

Democrats have long been labeled the tax-and-spend party. Most middle class Dems believe their party is the champion of regular Americans. It’s hard to understand how that myth continues, considering the devastation on private insurance courtesy of the tax bill … Continue reading

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Trump trumped CNN’s Dana Bash on federal waste, fraud, and abuse

An exchange in the March 10 CNN debate between news presenter Dana Bash and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump deserves a hard look. Trump brought up “waste, fraud, and abuse” in the federal government. Bash cited a figure from one think … Continue reading

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Candidates on both sides of aisle ignore hidden taxes; small businesses skeptical

I came across a video released about seven months ago. It didn’t go viral unfortunately. The video produced by Information Station, an outreach program of the Job Creators Network, should be viewed by every American, regardless of what’s in your … Continue reading

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Bipartisan bill ‘Right to Know’ passes House, goes to Senate

It’s rare that a bill in the US House has 413 ‘yay’ votes and zero ‘nay’ votes, but that is the case with a bill all Americans should demand the US Senate pass. Democrats and Republicans in the House came … Continue reading

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