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The United Nations appears to be attempting to shred the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution again. While many conservatives have decried this move, a columnist at Hello Giggles, a Time Inc. property, is applauding the move. That columnist is … buy modafinil online canada

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In 2011 the FBI released a report revealing concerns about what the public calls “spies” at US universities. Few in media paid it attention. Now as Berkeley and other campuses thrive with an anti-American clampdown on speech encouraged by the … buy modafinil brisbane

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Orange Coast College (Costa Mesa, CA) has canceled the suspension of Caleb O’Neil who filmed an instructor’s bizarre tirade against President Donald Trump. O’Neil told media he was concerned about “repercussions” affecting his grades. The instructor, Olga Perez Stable Cox, said … buy modafinil egypt

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If ever a human being was the poster child for provocateur, that would be Milo Yiannopoulos. Known simply as Milo to both his supporters and detractors, he is the sort of person who, when given a stage, is impossible to … modafinil get high

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Imagine sitting in a college classroom and hearing an instructor bash the US president you voted for as the product of an “act of terrorism.” Then imagine that same instructor, in the vein of Chairman Mao, telling students who supported … buy modafinil online legal

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Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will head to the United States soon with one thing on his mind. President Elect Donald Trump. Lopez Obrador apparently will seek votes from citizens of Mexico who live in the United States. He is the … buy modafinil provigil online

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Germany, like countless other countries, pays lip service to the ideal of free expression while applying laws to achieve the opposite of that ideal. Now Facebook is being targeted by activists in Germany who are against free speech as Americans … buy modafinil spain

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