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Post Brexit, will there be ‘Clexit’ and a Trump ‘reset’ on globalism, trade deals?

Rocking the wealthiest corners of the world, Brexit will now be in the hands of those who transition the UK government to withdraw from the European Union. The historic vote by the British people will have an impact on the … Continue reading

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Film worthy: Panama Papers leak includes scandal-plagued American banker

Americans are included in the data leak dubbed the Panama Papers. McClatchy News included names of several US citizens in a list from the leak. Among them is scandal-plagued banker Benjamin Wey. One reporter became a target for Wey, and … Continue reading

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Which special interests fund the 2016 presidential candidates?

A few select tweets about candidates near the top in the GOP primary races led me to wonder, this go ‘round, who’s putting up money for the presidency. Let’s start with the current occupant of the White House and his … Continue reading

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Poll finds 42 percent of Democrats who probably can’t define it find socialism favorable

First in a series Making pit stops in the Blogosphere are articles on a new poll revealing 42 percent of Democrats find socialism favorable. These are the voters who may support self-declared socialist senator Bernie Sanders over stealth socialist Hillary … Continue reading

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Huh? Leftists claim lottery ‘regressive tax on the poor’

Mark this day in history. Not because I happened to have a single winning number on the Powerball ticket I willingly bought. But because a top site aligned with the far left has declared the lottery “a regressive tax on … Continue reading

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Payne says economy in decline after President’s SOTU

President Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union address on Tuesday, speaking about many matters including the US economy. Obama said: “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.” Obama’s claims about the economy are … Continue reading

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Illegal worker crisis resolved, Chipotle now investigated for illness outbreaks

Chipotle Mexican Grill earned a spot as the darling of the fast food world, and the company’s stock still carries high value. Having weathered a crisis involving hiring workers whose immigration status appeared to be based on phony documents, Chipotle … Continue reading

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