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Celebrating the Fourth? Ditch politics, if your loved ones will let you

Is your family, like mine, divided over politics? I think for many Americans, the answer would be yes. My solution for this holiday and others is to ditch politics when your family gathers. This can be more difficult sometimes than … Continue reading

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Leftists in West engage in curious love affair with hijab

Read enough social media posts about politics, and sooner or later the issue of hijab will arise. This custom of dress pops up in surprising places, with contemporary “liberals” urging women who aren’t Muslims to wear hijab. It’s almost as … Continue reading

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Whedon factor: Why I call Twitter the cesspool of social media

Imagine this. A Tinseltown star born with a silver pedigree enjoys a charmed life doing what he loves—directing and writing films. He’s fortunate—you’d think he’d spread sunshine wherever he goes. Instead, he appears bent on spreading negativity and hatred towards … Continue reading

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Country singer Aaron Lewis aims for roots in genre affected by creeping pop

Aaron Lewis, familiar to many as lead vocalist in the band Staind, is aiming for roots in country music as the genre is increasingly affected by creeping pop. Lewis’ latest album, Sinner, debuts on Sept. 16. The album includes the … Continue reading

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Urban gardening: Small monsters, baked temps, and bounty

When I was a girl conscripted to help my grandmother in our very big garden, there were days I wanted to be somewhere—anywhere—else. Picking corn was my least favorite. Sometimes you’d run across a big green creepy thing so offensive … Continue reading

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A Valentine for Tara

Valentine’s Day is admittedly a commercial deal when we spend bucks on candy, cards, flowers, and whatever our loved ones like. Although the top theme in advertising is romantic, many of us also acknowledge it as a day when attention … Continue reading

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Nativity brings a Christmas surprise

For the first time I included a nativity scene with our outdoor Christmas decorations. I’d always wanted one, but my husband and I could never agree on the type of nativity suitable for my tastes and his. He is not … Continue reading

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