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Left of center media have finally made official what most of us already knew. The national committee for Democrats was (allegedly) in on the infamous ‘dossier’ casting outrageous allegations against President Donald Trump. Note I used quotes around ‘dossier’ because … buy modafinil online canada

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Just in from Judicial Watch, an organization ever in search of disclosure about our government. Sues for Records on Links Between FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe  (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that it today filed … buy modafinil bulk powder

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When Dr. Ben Carson was appointed Secretary of US Housing and Urban Development, criticism erupted from the Left. Fact is HUD has been a very troubled agency as long as it’s been in existence. Now we’re seeing exactly how big … order modafinil europe

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In the aftermath of violence in Charlottesville, all figurative guns turned on President Donald Trump when he made remarks about the violence shortly after it happened. So much is missing from reportage, it’s hard to know where to start. For … buy modafinil in usa

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At present, public dialog is being controlled by extremist factions of different political persuasions, but real news actually broke this week. Stories about the debt, North Korea, unemployment, and crime broke. And there was a big get for some Game … buy modafinil mexico

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A Bloomberg columnist is raising questions about ‘hacking’ claims, sourcing his information to a group named Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). The group has been right before and wrong before, but on the Russia ‘matter’ (to borrow a term … buy modafinil paypal uk

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Budget hawks target forced entitlements like Medicare for cuts, and budget gluttons just want to print more money despite record debt levels for the US government. However, both sides of the congressional aisle, and also the executive branch headed by … buy modafinil sweden

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