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California secessionist lives in Russia as analyst’s prediction about US breakup forgotten

In 2008 I wrote about a Russia analyst’s prediction making its way around some media.  Igor Panarin forecast the United States would disintegrate into sections that may be controlled by foreign countries. Panarnin claimed there would be six sections, and … Continue reading

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Trump should call for investigation of relations with Russia, starting with Bill Clinton

Which president pushed a bailout for Russia? Which president presided over the US paying Russia for arms for Afghanistan? Which president got half a million dollars for a speech in Russia? Which president pushed for Russia to join the WTO? … Continue reading

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Media imply Trump to blame for Olympian’s detention; Obama did it

In the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s travel ban applying to a small number of Muslim majority countries, an Olympian stepped forward to share her tale of detention at a US airport. Ibtihaj Muhammad, an avid devotee of the patriarchal … Continue reading

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Does Ninth Circuit realize judge who ordered halt to Trump EO is guilty of ‘alternative facts’?

After eight years of ignoring ‘alternative facts’ distributed by the administration of President Barack Obama, the left has discovered them now that President Donald Trump has taken office. Before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard testimony about Trump’s executive … Continue reading

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Trump’s temporary ban, the UN mystery, and the deal he ‘inherited’

Media and politicos are ranting about a temporary ban on a small number of Muslim-majority countries’ travel. What is forgotten is how we got to this point and President Barack Obama’s policies on certain international actors before Trump took office. … Continue reading

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Responses to Trump firing Yates indicate amnesia on Clinton, Bush

It didn’t take long for President Donald Trump to terminate acting attorney general Sally Yates. Yates decided the Dept. of Justice would not defend Trump’s executive order on vetting migration and travel related to a group of specific countries where … Continue reading

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Refugees stranded because of presidential decision, say no warning given

As groups organize to protest President Donald Trump’s executive order affecting migration from seven countries dealing with conflicts driven by Islamist goals for a caliphate, some refugees are still stranded because of a different presidential decision. Some of these refugees … Continue reading

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