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Florida’s Republican governor Rick Scott debated his opponent Charlie Crist (D) at Broward College on Wednesday, and the best I can say is the debate was a draw. Neither candidate is a debater on the scale of a Marco Rubio. … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is about to levy new rules and they are likely to disadvantage the US economy even more than so-called progressive policies have already done. China and India will be among the beneficiaries of continued … buy modafinil boots

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I’ve attempted to get other media to warn the public about sexual transmission of Ebola. You’d think it would be important to stress this information, considering past experiences with government’s early handling of AIDS.

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At present President Barack Obama’s decision to leave US borders and ports porous has drawn criticism as West Africa battles Ebola outbreaks. Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia appear to be the greatest challenges. In the U.S., Liberian national Thomas Eric … buy modafinil online hong kong

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After Megyn Kelly interviewed State Dept. spokesperson Jen Psaki, Twitter lit up like a renegade Roman candle. By the end of their exchange, Psaki perfectly fit the cliché of looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Psaki attempted to … buy modafinil online

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What does it take for the federal government to admit a killing is considered domestic terrorism? That’s a hard question to answer these days. As the investigation of the Oklahoma beheading continues, once again the issue of domestic terrorism is … buy modafinil online uk reddit

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Hassan Rouhani gave a speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, and media appeared to miss a racial slur possibly directed at US President Barack Obama. Potkin Azarmehr, a blogger who lives in London, called out media for … buy modafinil russia

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