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Next up on the GOP primary/caucus calendar is the state of Nevada where voters will gather on Tuesday to declare their presidential preferences. Nevada, like Iowa, is a caucus, not a primary. In some ways that may present a hurdle … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Will undecided voters impact Trump lead in South Carolina? South Carolina voters will head to the polls on Saturday to cast a vote in the GOP presidential primary. Judging preferences by questioners at the Thursday Town Hall featuring Jeb Bush, … buy modafinil bangkok

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South Carolina is my home state, and my friends and family there are about to cast votes in the primaries. Republicans vote Feb. 20; Democrats will do that on Feb. 27. Because Republicans are running a real primary with more … buy modafinil france

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Upon hearing the news Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had passed, many of us who hold in high regard the US Constitution and Bill of Rights were shocked. Scalia wasn’t just a justice; he was an institution. His views on … buy modafinil in malaysia

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Morning news cycles made much of the fact Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail hearts President Barack Obama. A header at CNN about the latest debate between stealth socialist Hillary and open socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders said simply, “Clinton clings … buy modafinil next day delivery

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Pundits are scratching their heads, gazing at their navels, and nattering in front of cameras. The polls were right after all. Trump and Sanders won New Hampshire. By double digits. How did two men initially presumed unlikely victors become victors? … buy modafinil perth

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National media push the narrative Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in a real contest for Democrats’ presidential nomination as voters head to the Primary locations in New Hampshire. But if you look at the delegate process, … buy modafinil thailand

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