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When Vice President Joe Biden told students in China to challenge the government, teachers, and religious leaders, he didn’t speak about repressing free speech here in the United States. Biden and his fellow progressive Democrats have done that by weaponizing … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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VIXX, described by media as a 6-member South Korean boy band, began trending at the top on Twitter as soon as the group won 1st place in a competition called Music Bank that seems similar to American Idol. VIXX took … buy modafinil bitcoin

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Vice President Joe Biden was in Beijing this week, cracking jokes about being late to an American Chamber of Commerce meeting and his age. Even Democrats know Biden is no intellectual heavyweight, but a fairly unremarkable journey has been covered … buy modafinil smart drug

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Naysayers have been having a field day over the boondoggle President Barack Obama’s administration created with the PPACA/Obamacare website The focus on the website is justified because Obama refused to agree to Republicans’ request to delay the individual mandate—people … buy modafinil germany

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Nothing makes my day like a progger (“progressive” or Dem blogger) blocking me on Twitter. Happened again today when I questioned claims he made about a new CNN poll on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act commonly called Obamacare. … buy modafinil in spain

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Emails and comments on social media are going around, telling people the government will not only tax you more if you don’t buy health insurance. You could lose your bank account, cars, house, other properties and maybe even go to … buy modafinil new york

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Billionaire Haim Saban who says his only political issue is Israel is a top Democrat donor. At a Beverly Hills fundraiser attended by allies of the Democrat Party—Tom Hanks, Magic Johnson, and others—Saban said (boldface added): “We’re out of Iraq, … buy modafinil portugal

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