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Twitter Trends oct 28

Twitter trends on Oct. 28, mid-morning. (Snip: @DayontheDay)

Social media playground Twitter has been  criticized for allegedly obstructing posts from users who don’t follow Democrats’ playbook. Probably the worst idea a public company could have came earlier this year with the “Twitter Trust and Safety Council.”  buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Tammany's Waterloo by Nast

Caption for this cartoon featured in ‘Harper’s Weekly’: “Republican defeat of Tammany Hall candidates in 1875 elections: Tammany’s Waterloo, Trumpeting Elephant.” (US Library of Congress; Thomas Nast, artist)

Donald Trump has indisputably put everything on the line to run for the presidency of the United States. He’s been vetted more thoroughly than any candidate I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. His greatest political sin, perhaps, is that he didn’t live his life like many in the political class do—keeping a lid on his private life with the voting booth in mind.

It strikes me the GOP nominee Trump is running against Tammany Hall, but this time, it’s an international operation instead of a political machine focused on a city or state.  buy modafinil boots

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Gruber and Tavenner testify

Economist-for-hire Jonathan Gruber and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner testified before Congress about Obamacare. (C-Span video snip)

Most of us will not be pleased when we receive premium notices and options for health insurance coverage for the coming year. It doesn’t matter whether we are buying from a federal marketplace or getting it through an employer or group. It is likely rates will continue to rise and so will deductibles. If you’re self-employed, well, good luck finding decent coverage for reasonable prices.

Get ready for Obamacare, the sequel, and don’t rely on Democrats’ media to tell you the truth about the plot and conclusion.  buy modafinil france

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2016 graphic

Graphic/Day on the Day

Depending on whom you support for the White House in 2016, you are either cheering for or railing against Fox News pundit Megyn Kelly for her hostile interview of former speaker of the US House Newt Gingrich on October 25.

Kelly veered from asking about current polls on the 2016 races to resurrecting the controversy involving GOP nominee Donald Trump’s private comments about women in the pop culture sector.

Kelly, perhaps because Gingrich appeared to fluster her, made a statement that is categorically untrue. And she did, as Gingrich claimed, use “language that’s inflammatory.”  buy modafinil israel

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Tig Tiegen

John (‘Tig’) Tiegen dropped a bombshell about Benghazi during his presentation at a military appreciation luncheon hosted by Rep. Yoho in Jacksonville October 25. (Photo: Kay B. Day)

John (‘Tig’) Tiegen spoke at a military appreciation luncheon in Jacksonville, Florida, on October 25. Tiegen survived assaults on US properties in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. Attendees listened as Tiegen shared his experiences as part of a six-man team defending the US State Department compound and the CIA annex, and by the end, many of us were weeping.

Tiegen shared information most corporate media have buried since 2012 when the country was approaching a presidential election. Before he finished, he dropped a bombshell.  buy modafinil new york

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Obama’s criticism of Trump captured in a spot on cartoon by A. F. Branco.

You’d think a genuinely free press would advocate all voices in the public arena. Yet today a headline at The Washington Post [WaPo] demands “right-wing media” be dismantled. Although I often disagree with both left and right, killing the voices of dissenters is not something anyone who believes in freedom should ever endorse.

WaPo’s diatribe goes low, right down there on the road with leading Democrats.  buy modafinil sun pharma

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Snip from ‘Hillary Clinton laughing for 10 hours; Independent Journal Review via YouTube Channel

One of the most intriguing but rarely polls in the 2016 election cycle is the daily tracking poll at The L.A. Times. Trump often leads in that poll, and within the data there’s an interesting finding. We should be talking about it. So should Trump. And it begs a question.

How would Mrs. Clinton’s political debts impact the US middle class if she should become the second in her bloodline to take the White House?  buy modafinil uk cheap

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