WaPo implies smart phones foreign to rural areas, as media make enemy of themselves

WaPo article eclipse

It’s likely most Tweeters taking issue with this header didn’t read the WaPo article about the eclipse and smart phone capacity. (Snip/Twitter)

Often I’ve heard people say President Donald Trump can be his own worst enemy when it comes to Twitter. I agree with that. The same can be said of media. And it is getting completely out of hand. When you condescend to people because of an eclipse, it’s obvious you have a serious case of ruling class delusion.

The latest example came in the form of a Tweet from The Washington Post (colloquially called WaPo or WaPoo depending on your bent).  Continue reading

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Presidential lapse: Feds spread $815 million in land grants without tracking results

Dept. of Interior IG report snip

Snip from IG report, Dept. of Interior, on federal land grants.

Budget hawks target forced entitlements like Medicare for cuts, and budget gluttons just want to print more money despite record debt levels for the US government. However, both sides of the congressional aisle, and also the executive branch headed by the president, have something in common—they lapse when it comes to tracking taxpayer dollars conferred on savvy profiteers.

Dept. Interior IG report cover

The Dept. of Interior IG report is posted online. Most Americans won’t bother to read it. Nor will media.

A new report from the Inspector General for the Dept. of the Interior is another in a long line of lapses. This particular executive branch lapse belongs to former president Barack Obama. I’m not surprised. He made it clear in his books graft and corruption were to be expected and that was fine by him as long as some of the money trickled down to the little people.

Americans are now being told the federal government in only two fiscal years doled out $815 million for land grants. Those grants presumably cover conservation projects or rights-of-way.

Once the money was handed over—likely, in a number of cases to political cronies—the government simply stopped tracking it.  Continue reading

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Trump reforms border screening of cargo trucks; cartels reportedly unhappy

MS-13 gang arrest/FBI

Featured Photo: An MS-13 suspect bearing gang tattoos is handcuffed. In 2004, the FBI created the MS-13 National Gang Task Force. A year later, the FBI helped create the National Gang Intelligence Center. (FBI photo)

President Donald Trump has reformed screening policies for cargo trucks entering the United States from Mexico. Prior to Trump, procedures were relaxed, just as they were relaxed when it came to permitting thousands of people to openly defy US law to cross the border illegally.

While not every person who crosses illegally is involved in crime, it stands to reason that many who come to the US without obeying federal law do have criminal intent.

Who benefits from the millions of dollars involved in cross border smuggling of people and drugs?  Continue reading

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Shocking Senate testimony ignored as name of attorney in Trump brouhaha surfaces

Snip Thor Halvorssen Twitter

Snip from @ThorHalvorssen on Twitter

Testimony by Thor Halvorssen before the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary is being ignored completely by most media on both right and left. Halvorssen heads up the Human Rights Foundation (NY). Halvorssen is most definitely not a rightwinger. Nor is he a Trump activist.

Dig a little beyond Halvorssen’s testimony on Fusion GPS and Derwick Associates, and guess whose name pops up?  Continue reading

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Most media ignore expanding House IT scandal despite ties to Intel Committee

Imran Awan

Imran Awan is at the heart of a scandal involving the House IT sector. He was arrested Monday and is facing federal charges. (Snip: Fox Business)

You’d think media would jump all over a story that sounds like a spy novel.

A family of workers is contracted by members of Congress to take care of IT needs. Said family receives millions of US tax dollars over a period of several years. Ultimately, family members get a second look and it turns out things are very sketchy, including alleged breaches of data, laundered money, and the fact members of this family work for congressional members who serve on the House Intel Committee. The family patriarch was busted by the FBI on Monday as he tried to leave the United States.  Continue reading

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‘The Great Kremlin Conspiracy’: Free primer at Tablet on truth and ‘news’

Ben Rhodes

Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor to President Barack Obama, earned his MFA in creative writing. (White House Photo)

Across the US, the evening news was once a ritual. If you didn’t get it at suppertime, you’d have to wait until end of night, right before the national anthem played. Nothing lasts forever, though, and pretty soon, along came cable news and Internet websites and blogs.

The latest impact on information rests in social media, where natter sites like Twitter function as 24/7 newsrooms.

What do you make of all this? How do you know what you can trust?

Those are open ended questions but there’s a very good primer at Tablet Magazine everyone who seeks news should read. Lee Smith tackles these issues and more in his excellent analysis, ‘Fusion GPS Illuminates the Brave New World of Manufactured News for Hire.’   Continue reading

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Sunset: Can tactic once popular help trim federal overreach such as PPACA tax bill?

US Capitol

Photo: Kay B. Day

Many of us who are no longer young and impressionable remember a time when federal overreach was not popular. The current federal behemoth is a result of Congress and presidents vesting more and more power in Washington while degrading power of the states.

You can’t find much on Sunset provisions on the Web, but what is there suggests it’s time to revisit the concept. Can the idea of sunset provisions be reintroduced now as Congress grapples with the PPACA/Obamacare tax bill?  Continue reading

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