Will leftstream media dismiss the latest Rice scandal despite her handy list?

Susan Rice Twitter Archive

As we said on the Web, this tweet has not aged well. (From Rice archives on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmbRice44 )

Despite contradicting herself again, Susan Rice, former national security adviser to former president Barack Obama, hasn’t drawn gotcha questions from leftstream (formerly ‘mainstream’) media. Rice is at the center of a major controversy on the level of the Watergate scandal. Select media who bring many Americans their carefully crafted “news” continue to dismiss gigantic, negative implications for those of us outside the Beltway.  Continue reading

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Flip the spy coin: No snooping on the Clintons despite Bill’s global affairs?

Bush the 2nd with Bill Clinton

Snip from photo of former presidents George W. Bush with Bill Clinton featured at the George W. Bush Institute

As most legacy media focus on allegations about Russia and the 2016 US presidential election, President Donald Trump is the target. Thus far, newspapers like The Washington Post have run story after story usually sourced to anonymous “officials”.

No charges have been filed against anyone. The US government on all levels has been less than forthcoming about all of this. We do know some things for sure, and they have to do with the Clintons’ affairs in world politics and former president Barack Obama. Continue reading

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Curse of Harry Reid will obstruct Feinstein’s obstruction on Gorsuch for SCOTUS


In 2007 when George W. Bush’s presidency approached its final months, Democrat senator Schumer sang a different tune on nominations to SCOTUS. (Video snip/Hugh Hewitt on YouTube)

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) has emerged as a political warrior in opposing Supreme Court justice nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. Feinstein and her fellow Democrats hope to obstruct Gorsuch’s confirmation.

In the end the curse of Harry Reid, Democrat and former Senate majority leader from Nevada, will obstruct Feinstein and her fellow political kin’s attempts. Fact is, Reid and the former president laid groundwork for arranging rules to their liking. Continue reading

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One calm head at WSJ: Yes, Nunes should stay

Nunes presser March 3

Chairman Devin Nunes held a presser on March 3 regarding the Intel Committee investigation on Russia. He followed up with a presser addressing, among other matters, the lack of response by federal agencies to the committee’s request for documents. (snip: Nunes’ House website)

Democrats campaigning in the post-election effort to derail Republican president Donald Trump have had lots of help from legacy media. The Wall Street Journal has been a constant critic of Trump, along with many other media rallying to leftwing causes.

Apparently there’s one calm head left at The WSJ. Kimberly Strassel sums up the dustup over Rep. Devin Nunes’ decision to share information with the Trump administration. Nunes didn’t share info about the propaganda effort I have dubbed ‘Russia did it.’  Continue reading

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Media reportage dishonest about HONEST Act

Cover of Mark Steyn’s book tackling the anti-carbon movement. (Via Steynonline.com)

Cover of Mark Steyn’s book tackling the anti-carbon movement. (Via Steynonline.com)

Activists on the left, supported by their allies in media, the arts, and academics, are throwing a collective fit over the passage of the HONEST Act in the US House.

Why the upset?

It’s pure political whiplash in the ongoing tirade over Democrats’ loss of the White House. Media reportage has been less than honest.

The Act actually protects Americans. It isn’t lengthy  or complicated. The intent is simple.  Continue reading

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Rep. Maxine Waters tells 63 million voters you’re not as patriotic as ‘we are’

Maxine Waters on MSNBC

Video snip of Waters from MSNBC via The Washington Free Beacon.

Rep. Maxine Waters, 79 year old congresswoman from California on the Democrats’ side of the aisle, is known for popping off remarks that often make little sense. Not long ago, she told media Russia President Vladimir Putin was “continuing to advance into Korea.”

Hopefully the MSNBC youth soaking up fake news didn’t believe her.

Now Waters has done it again, telling 63 million US voters we are not as patriotic as she is.  Continue reading

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Why Obamacare and Ryancare won’t solve our healthcare issues


Image: Debora Cartagena/CDC

Democrats had good reason to gloat when Republicans failed to pass House Speaker Paul Ryan’s replacement for the PPACA/Obamacare tax bill. After all, Republicans campaigned on repeal-and-replace for years.

Ryan couldn’t get votes he needed from his own party. Although Republicans are in the majority, that majority isn’t as large as Democrats held when they passed the PPACA tax bill in 2010. I pointed that out when I talked to a voter recently—she’s a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. This voter didn’t talk to me on the record. We were just having an off the cuff conversation and she brought up the GOP bill because she was terrified.

I told her not to worry for now. The bill won’t pass. But I warned her about something else too.  Continue reading

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