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If I had one word to describe this era in US politics, it would be unbelievable. The latest tidbit of news I’d apply that word to relates to the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency and a vote he … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Popular Twitter account Instapundit has been restored after an outcry from supporters increasingly alarmed about what many of us perceive as the social media site’s aggressive censorship of dissenting voices. 

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The FBI is still seeking information about unknown individuals who are persons of interest in the bombing in the Chelsea section of Manhattan on Sept. 17. A photo included on the bulletin shows two men walking casually; one man is … buy modafinil fast shipping

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In an interview with Fox Business channel’s Stuart Varney, an expert cited a figure for the number of ISIS jihadists who have sought to attack the US over a two year period. Had the expert been anyone other than Dr. … buy modafinil in australia

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After the latest terrorist attack on US soil courtesy of alleged bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami, news broke that his wife and mother are no longer in the US. That status is reportedly shared by the Orlando shooter’s wife. The women … buy modafinil melbourne

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A new report from the Inspector General for the Dept. of Homeland Security raised eyebrows by revealing “at least 858 individuals from special interest countries who had been ordered deported or removed under another name” were granted US citizenship. Special … get modafinil prescription online

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The United States experienced a weekend of terror starting with an explosive device in a trash can in Seaside, New Jersey, as a Marine Corps charity prepared for its 5k run. By early Monday evening, social media heated up with … buy modafinil tablets

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