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Democrats go totalitarian on global warming dissenters; time to RICO profiteers

Democrats have, in general, long been hostile to the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. Recently a group of congressmen in Washington decided to attempt to nullify the 1st Amendment in an effort to gag experts who disagree that man … Continue reading

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Self-defeating conservatives turn backs on opportunity in Trump

Conservatives are turning their backs on opportunity related to the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. You have a bloc of valuable votes. Trump basically has the nomination secure barring a battle behind the scenes at the convention. That unlikely battle, … Continue reading

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AG fail: Having targeted 2nd Amendment, Dems aim at First again

For decades Democrats have repeatedly targeted the First Amendment in an effort to expand government control over speech. The party dominated by hard left ideology seeks a more European stance on speech. No developed country limits government power over speech … Continue reading

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Lois and Hillary: Peas in a political pod

Why aren’t Republican presidential candidates taking up the issue of reforming the federal bureaucracy? Not a single GOP candidate has pointed out, for instance, the progressive frontrunner for president and a partisan IRS bureaucrat are peas in a political pod. 

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Wisconsin war means GOP nominee should make 1st Amendment a major issue

Opinion by Kay B. Day The GOP presidential nominee should  make the First Amendment a cornerstone in the 2016 presidential campaign. America’s two major political parties sharply contrast when it comes to government power over speech, and the country is … Continue reading

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FCC chairman should be replaced

Americans are ignoring a crisis of monumental proportions as the 1st Amendment continues a downward spiral. From the incestuous relationship progressives engaged in with media in the 2008 and 2012 general elections to the weaponization of the Internal Revenue Service … Continue reading

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