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President and politicos hide impact of crime by foreign nationals

Opinion by Kay B. Day There is a dangerous lack of transparency in the administration of President Barack Obama regarding foreign nationals who commit crimes against citizens and legal immigrants. The transparency has been so thoroughly trashed the government chose … Continue reading

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Grubered: Comparing Obama to Reagan and Bush on immigration

Are we being Grubered again, this time on what politicians falsely call “immigration”? Democrats want President Barack Obama to push amnesty through without the cooperation of Congress, and they’re citing past actions by Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush … Continue reading

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NAFTA fallout: Most Americans want immigration decreased

A new Gallup poll indicates immigration, specifically increasing immigration, is not a top goal for Main Street. Poll results showed only 22 percent of Americans want to increase migrant numbers while a whopping 41 percent want to decrease it. These … Continue reading

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Ethics mess for Rep. Gutierrez involves $590,000 taxpayer dollars

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) is known primarily as a single issue congressman. For him, it’s all about immigration, and he’s been so vocal about it, he echoed major political player the U.S. Chamber of Commerce whose president said that if … Continue reading

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Amnesty advocates and OAS attack U.S. sovereignty despite sizable U.S. funding

Since the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 was passed, promising Americans the “immigration” issue would be solved once and for all, the alien population has exploded. Presidents since that time have refused to uphold federal immigration laws. “Progressives” … Continue reading

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Above the Fold: Russia and China schmooze, Ravens go for O-Care, U.S. says ‘yes’ to pot legalization

News wrap for October 22, 2013 Russia touts “unprecedented heights” in relationship with China China and Russia are touting “unprecedented heights” in their relationship with each other. The countries are aiming at $100 billion in trade by 2015, with current … Continue reading

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