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As anti-free speech forces dominate Berkeley, FBI report on spies forgotten

In 2011 the FBI released a report revealing concerns about what the public calls “spies” at US universities. Few in media paid it attention. Now as Berkeley and other campuses thrive with an anti-American clampdown on speech encouraged by the … Continue reading

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Despite political adversity, ‘The Promise’ film survives to recount Armenian genocide

The Armenian genocide, unlike other mass killings of a targeted people, is one of the best kept secrets in history. Academics don’t dwell on it if they mention it at all in history classes. While putting the past behind us … Continue reading

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Global wire service assists Obama in case for shredding 1st Amendment

President Barack Obama made a speech on Thursday that is one of the most alarming yet to come out of his mouth. Americans aren’t aware that even in our country, we have descended to a level where you can be … Continue reading

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Leftwing students at PSU donate to cause “to wipe Israel off the map”

I saw a snippet of a video shot by Ami Horowitz on the campus of Portland State University. I knew PSU’s students were on the fringe left. What I didn’t know was the depth of depravity these students could drop … Continue reading

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