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Ten things: Media miss large boat when it comes to North Korea

Despite hysterics on social media from select reporters at select outlets, many are missing the boat when it comes to North Korea. Here are 10 things media and most of the public are missing.

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Complaint filed against Democrats with FEC after explosive Veritas videos

After James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas published videos documenting groups allegedly involved in illegal actions to benefit the candidacy of Democrats’ presidential contender Hillary Clinton, the group Public Interest Legal Foundation has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission. 

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Expert recalls past debates as Clinton v. Trump match set for historic date

Professor Alan Schroeder talked with C-SPAN on Monday about the history of presidential debates. Schroeder authored the book Presidential Debates: Risky Business. Schroeder weighed in on the format for the debate, saying it will be the same as 2012. There’s … Continue reading

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After cancelled Trump rally, both sides of aisle have amnesia

With protests at rallies for Donald Trump increasing, I’ve come to a number of conclusions about presidential candidates and media on both sides of the aisle. They have amnesia.

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Does potential ad revenue skew network coverage of candidates?

Talking politics with a friend a couple days ago, he said he’s stopped watching political coverage on cable stations. “Seems like they want to pick a candidate for us,” he said. Why would a network favor one candidate over another? … Continue reading

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