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‘The Great Kremlin Conspiracy’: Free primer at Tablet on truth and ‘news’

Across the US, the evening news was once a ritual. If you didn’t get it at suppertime, you’d have to wait until end of night, right before the national anthem played. Nothing lasts forever, though, and pretty soon, along came … Continue reading

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Is Obama right about claim Russia hacked DNC to benefit Trump?

President Barack Obama could sell holes to a donut maker, and when he responded to questions from friendly media outlet NBC Nightly News, his salesmanship was on full display. Obama weighed in on who was responsible for hacking Democrats’ National … Continue reading

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Could Sen. Cotton be on Trump’s VP list?

Some on social media are discussing the potential for Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) to be in the running for vice president on the Republican presidential ticket. Cotton, whose conservative and practical creds are indisputable, did an interview with US News … Continue reading

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Yes, the donkey drives media from Facebook to national news outlets

I’ve long said national media is beholding to one political party, and that isn’t likely to change soon. For Democrats, national media of all types function as a de facto arm of the party. That, in my opinion, is the … Continue reading

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