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Trump should call for investigation of relations with Russia, starting with Bill Clinton

Which president pushed a bailout for Russia? Which president presided over the US paying Russia for arms for Afghanistan? Which president got half a million dollars for a speech in Russia? Which president pushed for Russia to join the WTO? … Continue reading

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Day 1 Tweets run gamut from praise for Giuliani to Uncle Tom; insults for Benghazi mom

As should be expected, Tweets about the Republican convention in Cleveland (OH) ran the gamut after opening day. There was widespread praise for former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani’s speech. There were ‘Uncle Tom’ insults aimed at black Republicans. And Pat … Continue reading

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From ‘Not-Mitt’ to ‘Never Trump’, a pattern of tantrums

I understand what it feels like when the candidate you wanted to win lost. I understand the shock some feel now that it’s obvious Donald Trump will be the 2016 Republican nominee. I also understand a tantrum when I see … Continue reading

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Neocon Kristol’s hatred of Trump may be a good thing for Trump, GOP

It’s no secret Bill Kristol despises Donald Trump, one reason the neoconservative columnist and activist fills his Twitter line with anti-Trump calls to action. Kristol is supposed to be a Republican, but there’s scant anti-Clinton activism of late. 

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