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National Lutheran organization brings Israel bias to fruition with political resolution

For several years, I perceived the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the national organization for the faith, as trending anti-Israel. Rhetoric began to be far more biased towards what is now called the ‘Palestinian Cause’. The ELCA in general began … Continue reading

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Is Anonymous/BLM Day of Rage for real, or hoax?

Announcements about a Day of Rage scheduled for more than three dozen US cities have popped up on social media lately. The original source appears to be a video. If you attempt to determine the truth about the event, things … Continue reading

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Harvard prof shocked by racial bias in study on police shootings

Harvard professor of economics Roland G. Fryer, Jr. seemed shocked at the results of a study he conducted on “more than a thousand” police shootings “in 10 major police departments, [sic] in Texas, Florida, and California.” Fryer apparently believed police … Continue reading

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