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Democrats love a border wall as long as it’s not in the US

Saying one thing and doing another is a bipartisan political tradition, but US funding to help provide security along Tunisia’s border takes the prize for hypocrisy. President Barack Obama, Dems’ presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, and various ethnic profiteer groups have … Continue reading

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US tax dollars shuttled to groups to create new voters presumably to benefit Dems

US tax dollars are being shuttled by the Obama administration to various groups seeking to get green card holders approved for US citizenship ahead of a major national election.

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Irony of ironies: Most right-leaning media give Hillary a pass on debate falsehoods

Nothing could be more ironic than the state of the race for the presidency in 2016. The morning after presumed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton was caught in a falsehood during a debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday, only one … Continue reading

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More officers hit with rocks along Rio Grande sector of US border

Rocks have become a weapon of choice in hostilities against Customs and Border Protection officers along the US southern border. KRGV TV (Rio Grande Valley, Texas) conducted an investigation of attacks on agents. Two agents were recently wounded, and another … Continue reading

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US Senate leadership: Era of the dinosaurs continues

How much do you know about leadership in the U.S. Senate? Did you know leadership in both parties have striking similarities? 

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Decades after IRCA, DHS chief says border security “a work in progress”

Dept. of Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson testified before the House Committee on Homeland Security about President Barack Obama’s controversial changes to immigration law. The takeaway from that testimony isn’t that the law needs to be changed, it simply needs … Continue reading

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Obama gets sly pass on border info takedown before election

As the November elections drew near, the Obama administration first published and later removed data about apprehensions on the US-Mexico border.  

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