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Why should the US protect her sovereignty?

These days it seems world powers are bent on eradicating the sovereignty of nations. The European Union is a perfect example of what can go astray when original intentions sought to strengthen nations ends up weakening them. The United States … Continue reading

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Post Brexit, will there be ‘Clexit’ and a Trump ‘reset’ on globalism, trade deals?

Rocking the wealthiest corners of the world, Brexit will now be in the hands of those who transition the UK government to withdraw from the European Union. The historic vote by the British people will have an impact on the … Continue reading

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Israel moment as Brit leaders decry Obama’s meddling in BREXIT debate

President Barack Obama drew criticism over his comments about Britain leaving the European Union—BREXIT—during his final visit to the country. One leader decried the US president’s “monstrous interference” in the matter. Obama wants Britain to remain in the EU. 

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