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Amid political assault, OC college student figuratively gagged by biased instructor

Imagine sitting in a college classroom and hearing an instructor bash the US president you voted for as the product of an “act of terrorism.” Then imagine that same instructor, in the vein of Chairman Mao, telling students who supported … Continue reading

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Legitimacy of Franken, Clinton forgotten amid vote fraud dustup

Vote fraud has long been disputed by Democrats and their party’s friendly media. After President Donald Trump announced an investigation into vote fraud, various media presenters launched a full effort to assail the idea. At CNN, Jake Tapper, pointing to … Continue reading

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Recount lawfare: Why not California, Nevada, and others?

Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who didn’t win a single state in the 2016 presidential election, launched recount lawfare in states flipped from Democrat to GOP by President Elect Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, who won 232 Electoral College votes, has … Continue reading

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Alt-left tramples free speech again; US flag ban in South Carolina

Gradually, with little attention from the public, the alt-left championed by Hillary Clinton and Democrats has once again trampled free speech. The latest shredding of the First Amendment to the US Constitution happened in South Carolina.

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Trump commits to law and order amid trickle down lawlessness from leaders

Special Feature at Day on the Day After a man armed with a gun carrying 23 rounds of ammunition was shot while fleeing police in Milwaukee, riots ensued. Racism was in full swing by people who participated. Businesses were damaged, … Continue reading

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Prankster finds socialist Sanders supporters violent

Joey Salads pranked passersby in Hollywood (CA) by alternately holding up two signs. One sign said ‘Trump’ and the other sign said ‘Bernie.’ Consequences were predictable. 

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Do undocumented foreign nationals have an impact on US presidential elections?

When it comes to how the US elects a president, do undocumented foreign nationals (also commonly called illegal aliens) have an impact on the number of electoral votes a state has in presidential elections? Do you know how the process … Continue reading

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