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AG fail: Having targeted 2nd Amendment, Dems aim at First again

For decades Democrats have repeatedly targeted the First Amendment in an effort to expand government control over speech. The party dominated by hard left ideology seeks a more European stance on speech. No developed country limits government power over speech … Continue reading

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Foreign policy blunder: Facts upend Obama and media on refugee claims

President Barack Obama misjudged security concerns about the refugee crisis spilling from Europe into the US homeland, and a speech he gave in the Philippines this week indicates another foreign policy blunder. Choosing to inject the US 2016 presidential race … Continue reading

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Extremism summit: The problem is white supremacism

Opinion by Kay B. Day Based on a claim by an attendee at President Barack Obama’s extremism summit, we’d best beware those rightwing extremists: “Most extremism in the US is white supremacism.” And don’t you know all the world’s ills … Continue reading

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‘Charlie Hebdo’ poked fun at far more than Islam

Media on both right and left are characterizing the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo as a newspaper satirizing Islam. That is extremely misleading. 

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President misses boat in Malaysia; oppression is official policy

President Barack Obama spoke very conservatively about human rights during his visit to Malaysia.  Unfortunately, he missed the boat by comparing the U.S. to a country where human rights legally remain in the Dark Ages.

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